Soup and 1/2 Sandwich     9.95
(Starred only) (Substitute bowl for $1.00 extra)
Salad and 1/2 Sandwich     9.95
(Starred only) (Garden, spinach or caesar salad) Sub large salad 1.00 extra
Hummus Platter     4.95
A plate of our unique homemade western hummus, black bean hummus and homemade bagel chips.
Choose from our homemade dressings:
Ranch, Thousand Island, Honey Mustard, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Fat Free Ranch and Blue Cheese
All salads served with multi grain bread or homemade bagel chips upon request.

Chef’s Salad     8.95
We use romaine and green leaf lettuce, turkey breast, black forest ham, bacon,
cheddar and swiss cheese, hard boiled egg & tasty tomatoes.
Spinach Salad     6.75
Fresh spinach, red onions, carrots, mandarin oranges, tomatoes, walnuts, sunflower seeds and homemade balsamic vinaigrette on the side.
Top with Chicken, Tuna, Egg salad or grilled chicken.... 3.50 extra
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad     9.95
Classically prepared, with romaine lettuce, dressing and homemade croutons.
Without grilled chicken.... 7.55
Garden Salad     4.45
Sprouts, mushrooms, green peppers, carrots and tomatoes atop garden fresh leaf lettuce.
Top with Chicken, Tuna, Egg salad or grilled chicken.... 3.50 extra

Sandwiches served with your choice of homemade pasta salad, kettle chips or potato salad. Pickle upon request.
1/2 Sandwiches available (Starred only), served with sides above - $7.95

Turkey Avocado*     10.25
Thinly sliced turkey breast on a lightly grilled baguette with provolone cheese, fresh avocado, mayo and sea salt & pepper.
Turkey Cranberry*     10.25
Thinly sliced turkey breast, provolone cheese, cranberry sauce, tomato, lettuce & mayo on lightly grilled multi-grain bread.
Reuben or Turkey Reuben*     10.25
Grilled thinly sliced corned beef or turkey breast, swiss cheese, sauerkraut with homemade thousand island on freshly baked rye bread.
Ten Mile Turkey*     10.25
Turkey breast and muenster cheese on a grilled jalapeno-cheddar baguette with a touch of homemade guacamole, tomato and thin slices of onion.
Frisco BLT*     10.25
Turkey breast, bacon and avocado on grilled multi-grain bread with lettuce, tomato and a touch of mayo.
Ham Slam*     10.25
Grilled black forest ham, melted muenster cheese and homemade guacamole on a jalapeno-cheddar baguette.
Tuna Melt*     10.25
Homemade Albacore tuna salad grilled to perfection, served on a full croissant with melted swiss cheese and tomatoes.
Sweet & Spicy Sausage Sub*     10.25
Grilled free range, chicken apple sausage, sauteed onions, muenster cheese and spicy mustard on a grilled jalapeno cheddar baguette.
Philly Cheese Steak*     10.25
6 oz. grilled, thinly sliced steak with onions, mushrooms, green peppers and melted provolone cheese on a grilled baguette.
Veggie Mountain High*     10.25
Steamed broccoli and onion with melted swiss cheese, western hummus, tomato and sprouts on grilled multi-grain bread.
Veggie Hummer*     10.25
Black bean hummus, lettuce, tomato, sliced pickles, sprouts, onion & shredded carrots on a grilled jalapeno chedder baguette.
Grilled Cheese*     8.95
Cheddar and provolone on grilled multi-grain bread with your choice of two items, tomato, avocado, ham, bacon or turkey bacon.
BLT*     8.45
Bacon or turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato and a touch of mayo on grilled multi-grain bread.
Spicy Chicken Guacamole     10.25
Grilled chicken breast on a croissant with guacamole, pepper jack cheese, red onion, tomato and lettuce.
Chicken Cordon Blue     10.25
Grilled chicken breast topped with ham and swiss cheese, on a jalapeno cheddar baguette. Lettuce and tomatoe on the side.
Polynesian Chicken     10.25
Grilled teriyaki chicken breast with Muenster cheese, pineapple, red onion, tomato and lettuce on a baguette.
Baked Buffalo Burger     10.25
Butterhorn style, 1/2 pound baked Buffalo meatloaf with bacon and cheddar cheese on one of our Butterhorn buns. Served with Bermuda onion, tomato and lettuce on the side.
Muffaletta     10.25
A New Orleans specialty sub grilled with Genoa salami, turkey, ham, homemade green olive salad, provolone and swiss cheese served warm on Foccacia Bread. As close to New Orleans as you can get.
Chicken Caesar Wrap     10.25
A huge classic Caesar salad with grilled chicken wrapped in an herbed spinach tortilla.Thai
Chicken Wrap     10.25
Sweet and spicy Thai chicken and steamed white rice with lettuce and tomato wrapped in a fresh flour tortilla.
Garden Veggie Wrap     10.25
An herbed spinach tortilla filled with a garden of veggies. Lightly sauteed broccoli, snow peas, baby corn, carrots, pearl onions, red and green bell peppers and water chestnuts. Topped with western hummus, fresh tomato and sprouts giving you your daily quota of veggies.
Spicy Philly Wrap     10.25
Thinly sliced philly steak and provolone cheese with spicy ranch dressing, onions, mushrooms and green peppers.
Croissants Chicken Salad Croissant     9.95
We make our own chicken salad with baked chicken breast, celery, green peppers, walnuts, mayo, special seasonings, lettuce and tomato.
Tuna Salad Croissant     9.95
Albacore tuna made with our secret recipe mixed with celery, onions, lettuce and tomato.
Egg Salad Croissant     9.95
Homemade daily. Fresh egg salad with celery & onions, topped with lettuce and tomato.
Bagel and Lox     10.25
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, onions, capers and tomatoes on our homemade bagel.

Butterhorn’s All Day Breakfast Menu!
(*All griddle items topped with powdered sugar*)

Frittata     9.75
An open-faced omelet served with homemade toast.
Frittata #1 mushrooms, onions and cheddar cheese
Frittata #2 spinach, mushrooms, onions and swiss cheese
Frittata #3 bacon and cheddar cheese
Frittata #4 sausage or veggie patty and spicy jack cheese
Fresh Fruit and Nuts     3.95
*Topped with powdered sugar.*
Top any griddle item or granola with fresh bananas, strawberries, blueberries and walnuts
Sides and Such also available. Please ask server.
Eggy Bread     7.95
Four slices of our homemade cinnamon fruit bread,
dipped in egg batter and grilled to a golden perfection.
Whole Grain Delight     7.25
Four slices of our homemade multi-grain bread,
dipped in egg batter and grilled to a golden perfection.
Pancakes     7.75
Three hearty whole wheat cakes
Short Stack     5.95
Two hearty whole wheat cakes
Pancake     3.25
One hearty whole wheat cake

Please advise server of any allergies!
Due to our friendly, efficient service, management may limit table time to 45 minutes
to accommodate our waiting guests.
Split plate charge $1.00
Substitutions are subject to extra charges.

High in the Rockies of Frisco, Colorado
9097 Ft